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  • Where do I wear my iSiGN badge?
    Anywhere & Everywhere! If you are going out; shopping, for a coffee or on the school run you could be approached by someobody needing assistance.
  • Do I need to be fluent to wear an iSiGN badge?
    No! As long as a few helpful signs are known and the wearer believes they have the capability of giving information to someone in need then the iSiGN badge is handy. Although, it would be great to pick up a sign a week to broaden your understanding
  • Does the iSiGN badge show that i know a specific sign language?
    No. However, usually when a person uses BSL for example, they tend to have some basic understanding of other languages that use sign or Makaton.
  • What is iSiGN?
    The iSiGN badge is a subtle way to show the wearer knows a form of signing to communicate whether that is; British Sign Language, American Sign Language or Makaton etc. The badge offers a simple indication to the deaf community of who can be approached for information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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